What can you expect from Code Mesh LDN 2018?

Organisations are transforming how they do business. Successfully preparing, nurturing and institutionalising technological innovations into business processes today, will define the successful IT leaders of tomorrow. How do businesses, IT leaders and aspirational developers go about doing this? How do they future proof their business processes, stay competitive and thrive in the future?


Building Blockchain in Elixir

Article by Philipp Piwowarsky

Building Blockchain in Elixir At æternity we chose Elixir to build an alternative implementation of our blockchain protocol. We’ve had a lot of good experiences with this choice, and few bad ones.


What companies and start-ups depend on Elixir in production?

The need for developers to manage high-traffic systems means that adding Elixir to their programming stack makes sense. Elixir compiles to Erlang and inherits all of its advantages, for example performance, stability, concurrency, scalability and fault-tolerance.


Top 10 Elixir conferences in 2018

2018 was an incredible year for sharing knowledge and experience within the Elixir community, and the year has no signs of letting up! Here's a roundup of the exciting events covering Elixir and Phoenix which have caught our eye for the rest of 2018!


Top 10 Pony lang talks for the curious

New to Pony and want to know more? Look no further than our swift roundup of the most insightful, easy to digest Pony content from across the internet!


Convince your boss - Code Elixir LDN

Code Elixir LDN saves your team time by getting the answers to your tech problems from experts who have already spent the time solving them! Code Elixir LDN helps your team avoid issues later down the line by learning more about the next generation of tools, frameworks and processes now! Code Elixir LDN brings top professionals, innovators and inventors together all in one place, maximising the opportunity for intensive learning and understanding. Code Elixir LDN will bring you up to speed with new approaches, technologies and processes through its training days. Code Elixir LDN will further amplify your understanding through networking with fellow developers and engineers, exchanging notes, experiences and solutions face-to-face.