Breaking up with Mnesia | Dániel Szoboszlay & Onno Vos

Klarna runs its business on Mnesia from day one. 16 years later we're still together... but we’re heading towards a break up.
How did we get here? What’s the way forward? Over the years problems hit us for sure, but as we’re about to part we also found good in Mnesia we'd taken for granted and never appreciated before. Are you just launching on Mnesia? Come and learn how not to corner yourself by the time you grow to a Unicorn. Already stretching limits? See how we made Postgres a viable replacement.


Mnesia has some superpowers, but you won’t realise they exist until you try to live without them. Become aware of them, and you will be able to make conscious choices on whether to fully utilize them or to keep your options open.


Developers using Mnesia - or even Postgres, if they’re interested in our journey towards performant serializable transactions on this database.