Bridging the physical and blockchain world with Erlang - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018

Andrew Thompson 27.04.2018

Slides available HERE.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Andrew's been writing Erlang for 10 years and is the author of gen_smtp and Lager. Andrew spent 4 years as a senior software engineer at Basho Technologies and led both the multi-datacenter replication development and also implemented Riak 2.0's security infrastructure. Andrew has been doing Erlang since 2008, first in the VoIP world writing mod_erlang_event for FreeSWITCH, and using that to build an open-source call center platform called OpenACD. After that, Andrew was a Senior Engineer at Basho working on Riak and from there he moved to the IoT world at Helium. At Helium Andrew has built several Erlang powered platforms over the years culminating in building Helium's decentralized, distributed IoT network.