Convert your Web App to a Desktop App with Elixir Desktop | Dominic Letz | Code BEAM V EU 21

Elixir-Desktop is a new project and library to convert Elixir Phoenix (LiveView) apps into native Desktop applications for macOS Linux and Windows. Think what electron brought to JavaScript but for Elixir.

During this talk, I would like to showcase the library and how to get started and then dive into some of the nitty-gritty details of creating a macOS dmg from your project and deploying it through the mac appstore.


Presenting the Elixir-Desktop project and giving people an overview of what has been achieved already as well as some of the open todos. This would be a great opportunity to probe the community interest for an Elixir alternative to Electron.


Elixir enthusiasts and Elixir new comers who are interested to build their own desktop apps.