Decomposing container tools - about Swiss Army Knives and containers

One-size-fits-all solutions come at a price. In this talk, I present four open-source container tools dedicated to specific use-cases:

  • CRI-O, a Kubernetes runtime
  • Podman, for managing pods and containers
  • Buildah, for building containers
  • Skopeo, for distributing container images

All tools are collaboratively developed across the industry and distributions, and are built on top of the same libraries, allowing for a seamless integration, compatibility and interoperability. Live demos demonstrate how they can cover an entire life-cycle: from local development to migrating to production.


No one-size-fits-all solutions


The main objective of the talk is to share the philosophy of the four tools. Having a more narrow focus allows for innovation in the target use-cases, and offers a less-opinionated experience for end-users and customers, offering choice and flexibility.


Everybody interested in running and building containers, locally, on a server, and in distributed environments such as Kubernetes.

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