Adopting Erlang, Adapting Rebar

In this presentation we'll cover the cycle that brought us from writing Adopting Erlang from the perspective of a new team that has read one of the many books out there about Erlang. We aimed to guide them to applied practice in a development team. In writing this, we found multiple issues that had accrued with time and shifting best practices in the community. These issues became encoded into our toolset.
Through maintaining Rebar3, Relx, documentation, and as participants of EEF working groups, we were part of a long feedback loop in the ecosystem. We'll go over the new changes this has led us to make to improve our tooling with very limited backwards compatibility breakage, and how they should improve your life.


  • make people aware of adopting erlang and what it can do for them
  • make people understand that writing docs is actually a great way to find problems with your stuff (Joe armstrong kept recommending that and he was right)
  • show the new results and improvements in day-to-day tools


  • people using Erlang in their day-to-day work
  • people maintaining long-standing projects