Elixir meets Erlang in Blockchain development

The Aeternity blockchain was developed in Erlang, by something of an All-Star team, and made a mark as one of the most productive development teams in the business. Unfortunately, Core development outpaced SDK and tool development by a fairly wide margin, and the core team found itself lacking direct user feedback. One approach to address this was to bring on board a talented Elixir developer, Aleksandar Filipov, as a one-man prototyping team and virtual user to the State Channels team. In this talk, we will describe the reasons for augmenting an Erlang project with Elixir, and present some of the results.


Explore Erlang/Elixir synergies and present exciting new technology



A brief overview of the aeternity Blockchain - Ulf Wiger Code Mesh LDN 2018

Article by Ulf Wiger

Aeternity blockchain set out to design an open source blockchain system integrating the best innovations in the field. It chose Erlang as the primary implementation language.