Fireside Chat on LiveView, the Future of Phoenix Web Development

Join Bruce Tate and Sophie DeBenedetto, authors of Programming Phoenix LiveView, for a fireside chat on LiveView and its impact on the future of web development. 

LiveView will change the way you develop single-page apps and increase Elixir and Phoenix adoption. It gives teams the ability to move fast while focusing brain power purely on the server-side, using the power of Elixir and Phoenix to support fault-tolerant single-page flows. 

Bruce and Sophie will talk about some of the basic building blocks that make LiveView so powerful, including discussions of how LiveView lets you build complex interactive flows without writing any JavaScript, how this differs from traditional SPA development, what it's like to test LiveView, what the Surface component library brings to the table, and how you can design a beautiful, layered UI with one simple pattern. 

This chat will be an interactive conversation not only between Sophie and Bruce, but also with you, the audience. Bring your LiveView questions so we can have a lively discussion about what LiveView brings to web development, and where it needs to go next.