Introducing the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

Thursday evening keynote at the Code BEAM SF where you can hear all about the newly formed Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. A talk from Jose Valim, Peer Stritzinger, Fred Hebert, Miriam Pena and Francesco Cesarini who are sharing the journey and goals of the foundation that we've all waited for!

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation's goal is to grow and support a diverse community around the Erlang and Elixir ecosystem, encouraging the continued development of technologies and open source projects based on/around its runtime and languages.


Code BEAM SF Profile: Miriam Pena

Article by Miriam Pena

I personally like Erlang because of the short implementation times, I love how easy it is to make concurrent distributed systems and implement communication protocols. It is less verbose than other languages and so less prone to errors. With its stable API, it is also low maintenance and used to resolve challenging problems. The fact that it is in high demand and you often get to work remotely, are a bonus too.


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