Jedi vs clone troopers a Star Wars themed comparison of the BEAM and rails concurrency models

What makes the BEAM special? How does the BEAM process model let engineers think differently about web app servers than other languages? This talk will compare and contrast the different concurrency models found in today's popular web application servers using Star Wars metaphors.

Walk away being able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to concurrency found in modern web servers and gain a new appreciation for why the BEAM is a good fit for building many types of web apps.






Viewers should be able to articulate why the BEAM is a good fit for the internet. This talk aims to provide viewers with the information they need to confidently compare and contrast the performance tradeoffs of some of the most popular options in developing web applications.


Web developers who are familiar with either the BEAM or other web application frameworks/platforms/languages. Ruby/Rails, NodeJS, Django etc. This talk is very accessible to beginners, while also being interesting to more advanced BEAM developers.

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