Natively Functional UI with Scenic

Get to know Scenic, the first fully functional UI system built directly for and on the BEAM.

Boyd will show the high-level concepts and functionality of Scenic, including latest developments. Building a UI system on the BEAM is also a great way to understand supervision trees.

This talk will demonstrate software isolation, recovery, concurrency and more using Scenic to directly see what is going on.


  • Get to know Scenic.
  • Learn about why functional UI is great and what can be done with it.
  • Understand when and where to build functional UI and why it is particularly good for connected devices.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of supervision trees through visual demonstrations with Scenic.
  • Layout where Scenic is going in the next releases.


Everybody interested in building connected devices (IoT) with the BEAM. Also good for beginner to intermediate developers who want a visual understanding of supervision trees.

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