Keynote - Confident Elixir

Are you proud of the code and workflow in your project? Being proud of what you do comes with confidence in the patterns and concepts you choose to follow and your ability to apply them in the project. In this talk, Tetiana will share with the audience what gives her confidence working on the elixircards project. Working with Elixir full time since 2016 on various different projects with different teams, there has been a set of patterns they’ve adopted which she would like to share with the audience through concrete examples.


Tetiana wants the audience to walk away with:

  • feeling motivated to think of, discuss and share the practices they are proud of,
  • either be inspired to try something new or feel confident about what they do already 
  • have practical examples showing how particular concepts are used in Elixir, making the keynote accesible to developers who are new to Elixir.


  • Beginners who want to see an example of problems, reasoning and solutions they may experience in their career.
  • Anyone who is interested in seeing what patterns and concepts are used on another project and why, how we go from idea to a solution, what we tried, what didn’t work and how we solved it.
  • For intermediate and proficient users it may be more of a thought provoking, rather than learning opportunity, something to discuss with others.