The BEAM in the Cloud Native era

Modern microservice architectures are constantly trying to replicate, with thousands of lines of bash and Go (mostly), features that the BEAM offers out of the box. Although it is said that imitation is the best form of flattery, in this talk we will go through some of the most popular constraints and pitfalls of cloud native architectures that could be more efficiently solved or even dismissed thanks to Elixir (or the BEAM)’s capabilities. 

We will discuss the impact on effort and resources that the current approach represents for companies and users, but also including a positive review on how can Elixir coexist and take advantage of the current cloud native tooling catalogue without overlapping or overengineering a project. 


The objective is to describe the role that the BEAM currently has in the Cloud Native ecosystem, including useful tooling. But it also highlights the fact that cloud native computing patterns are strongly influenced by the principles of the Erlang Virtual Machine, even when written in other languages.


Anyone wwanting to learn more about Cloud Native development.