Trust but Isolate The future of software

There are many trends, fads, and movements that sweep through the world of software. Yet somehow, the underlying fundamentals have remained largely unchanged for the past 30 years. The rapidly advancing cyber-attack environment combined with the use of networked computers in critical infrastructure, are causing a reckoning with the way computers, and all software is built.

Strong isolation, from the top to the bottom of the stack is foundational. Erlang and the BEAM, as with so many other things, was way ahead of its time and pointed this direction many years ago. We are going to look at some of those lessons and show how they can used as a first-principle to design a fast, robust, and secure that is positioned for the next 30 years of computing.

Strong Isolation is an inevitable shift that will reverberate through the industry. Understanding it now is essential to navigating the next round of scaled out software and computer deployments.