Are programmers heading towards another bursting bubble?

Software continues to "eat the world". Many industries, such as retail and publishing, have already been swallowed whole. Television and advertising are half digested, bioscience is in the crosshairs. But like an Ouroboros and software is also constantly eating its own tail; automating itself out of existence. From punch cards, to octal, to assembly language, to static languages, to dynamic languages... software has always been used to make itself irrelevant. Which software subdomains are about to be eaten?


  • Discuss historic changes in employment landscape, especially related to technological innovation.
  • Identify big picture trends in software development, especially:
  • The evolving education landscape for programmers
  • Industries or subdomains at risk of being largely automated
  • Industries of subdomains that look strong for the future
  • Provide advice for staying relevant in the world of software


Anyone generally interested in the software industry. This talk will be accessible to people of all technical skill levels.