Understanding Erlang kernel

The Kernel application has all the code necessary to run the Erlang runtime system. Every application needs to include a kernel application to be able to run. When starting an Erlang shell there are 39 processes running inside BEAM.

What are those 39 processes and how do they work together to make BEAM tick?

What exactly does Erlang kernel do and why does every application need it?

What happened inside BEAM when you print a simple hello world to the screen?

In this talk, we will take a deep dive into Erlang's kernel and find out how beautiful Erlang's internal works.


Help audience to have a better understanding on how Erlang's kernel application works and why does every application need to include it. By knowing more about Erlang's internal, we will be able to write more beautiful Erlang code.


For the curious souls who want to know how things work under the hood.