Unsung Heroes of the BEAM

There are women –rarely known– who have had a massive impact in the Erlang & Elixir community. We wouldn’t even be here in this conference if it wasn’t for some of them. Their achievements and stories are known only in small circles because often their protagonists have been humble and discreet.

But these heroines have done and are still doing amazing things for our community. It is high time we gave them the recognition they deserve and celebrate their contributions together. Who knows? Maybe this talk will plant the seed of the next generation of Erlang & Elixir role models.


Code BEAM SF Profile: Miriam Pena

Article by Miriam Pena

I personally like Erlang because of the short implementation times, I love how easy it is to make concurrent distributed systems and implement communication protocols. It is less verbose than other languages and so less prone to errors. With its stable API, it is also low maintenance and used to resolve challenging problems. The fact that it is in high demand and you often get to work remotely, are a bonus too.