Write your own container, for fun and no profit!

Docker has really popularized containers in the past few years! How does a docker work? Is it really a light-weight virtual machine? How does one isolate the processes and manage resources in a container? Can one write their own docker?

In this talk, we get familiar with the basic building blocks of Linux containers namely chroot, namespaces, and cgroups. We discover syscalls that we can use to manipulate namespace, how to apply resource limits and write our own container in Rust!




Systems programming


The talk aims to give an introduction to folks about systems programming and systems programming in Rust. The talk also aims to give an introduction to containers, and helps de-mystify containers for folks who already use them.


This talk would appeal to folks who are curious about Rust, and how it can be used for systems programming. Also for folks who work with containers, and want to understand how containers are put together.

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