Aaron Turner

Core team member of AssemblyScript, Creator / Maintainer of WasmByExample

Aaron Turner is a skateboarder, musician, and a developer doing WebAssembly, JavaScript, and Rust. Aaron is on the Compute@Edge team at Fastly, as well as an AssemblyScript team member.

Past Activities

Aaron Turner
Code Mesh V
06 Nov 2020
22.20 - 23.00

Building a better web with WebAssembly at the edge

WebAssembly is an exciting new technology, which opens a lot of doors for how applications are built on the web, and lays the foundation for what edge computing will become: a more performant and flexible place to deliver those websites and applications. The WebAssembly ecosystem is young one, but Senior Software Engineer at Fastly, Aaron Turner, has seen firsthand how the community is quickly growing and developing key technologies that unlock Wasm's potential to transform edge computing and beyond.

In this session Aaron will highlight some of the key features that make WebAssembly a great fit for applications running on the edge, and share some of the incredible work -- both open source and Fastly-supported projects -- that the community has done to enable this.


Explore WebAssembly as an exciting opportunity to run code on the edge, outside of the browser. And how this enables languages to run on new, untraditional platforms per their ecosystem.


Web and Serverless Developers.