Adi Iyengar

Elixir evangelist, Open source advocate

Adi Iyengar is a Senior Software Engineer who has worked with Elixir since 2015. Over those years, he has worked across a wide array of applications, and authored / contributed to several open source libraries. 

He is passionate about improving software development processes and building tools around them. One of his goals is to help make the lives of other developers easier by sharing with them the tools that have made his life easier.

He loves Elixir, Functional Programming and Test Driven Development!

Past Activities

Adi Iyengar /
Code BEAM V Europe
21 May 2021
14.20 - 15.00

Metaprogramming + DSL Design in Elixir

Elixir relies heavily on metaprogramming. We use metaprogramming features in Elixir regularly, sometimes without even knowing. In this talk, we will cover some of the low level constructs in Elixir, which will help you better understand how metaprogramming works in Elixir. We will finish up by using some of those constructs to build a Domain-Specific Language to compose music using Elixir.