Aish Dahal

Engineer (PagerDuty)

Aish works as an Engineer at PagerDuty in San Francisco. He currently works in building PagerDuty’s event intelligence platform, often dealing with fallacies of distributed computing. His recent focus has been on Elixir/OTP and building event driven microservices using Kafka and Elixir. In the past he has worked as an early stage employee at HackerRank as well as a programmer at Goldman Sachs.

Past Activities

Aish Dahal
Code BEAM STO 2018
01 Jun 2018
11.25 - 12.10

Simple is beautiful: building an SLA monitoring tool at PagerDuty

Starting in 2016, PagerDuty started replacing a lot of its in-house custom monitoring tools and SLA calculators with off-the-shelf software. However, one critical piece of monitoring involving detailed business logic could not be replaced with anything off-the-shelf. As a result, PagerDuty built its own highly available Elixir powered monitoring tool that used Kafka not only as a communication layer but also as a storage layer. This talk is a story of how PagerDuty replaced a complex in-house monitoring tool with a simpler and more reliable/scalable one all by using Elixir/OTP.


This talk demonstrates how the message based paradigm championed by Erlang and adopted in Elixir helped address PagerDuty's scalibility woes, all while keeping the codebase minimal and maintainable.