Ayanda Dube

Principal Engineer at 8x8, and RabbitMQ contributor

Ayanda is an engineer at 8x8 Inc, where he spends most of his time working on the XCaaS platform (Messaging Systems) and the BEAM. He is also a RabbitMQ contributor, worked with the Erlang Solutions Ltd RabbitMQ division as RabbitMQ Lead Engineer. He spent a while building Telco/GSM core network nodes in Erlang at Pharos-Avantgard, and fintech systems at Afrosoft.

He's done some research at the University of Leeds on router/ATM switch fabric design. He's also a trainer, speaker, and part-organizer of the annual RabbitMQ Summit.

Upcoming Activities

Sophie DeBenedetto / Ayanda Dube
Code BEAM America 2021
03 Nov 2021
11.15 - 11.55

Panel discussion on messaging


Ayanda Dube / Karl Nilsson
Code BEAM America 2021
04 Nov 2021
10.50 - 11.15

Fireside chat on RabbitMQ


Past Activities

Karl Nilsson / Ayanda Dube / John Samuel
Code BEAM V America
12 Mar 2021
10.15 - 10.55

Ask me anything about RabbitMQ

Open session with RabbitMQ contributors - a chance to ask them questions you always wanted about their work.

Ayanda Dube
Code BEAM STO 2019
16 May 2019
13.50 - 14.35

Innovative unorthodox design patterns used in RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ messaging broker is over 10 years old, with it's codebase having matured significantly over the past decade. Within it's implementation, we find some of the most innovative usage of the Erlang OTP which attribute to it's well trusted performance, stability and ergonomic friendliness for operators. In this talk, Ayanda illustrates, explains and shares some of these creative internal design patterns used within RabbitMQ. Components such as mirrored-supervisors, decorators, gen_server2, delegates, and much much more!


Introduce the Erlang and Elixir community to innovative, unorthodox design patterns and concepts used in RabbitMQ, which they may learn from, adopt and even make use of in their own system designs.


Erlang and Elixir developers, and any other developers building systems on the BEAM.