Barbara Chassoul

Software engineer at Peer Stritzinger GmbH

As a former physicist Barbara found her way into coding a few years ago, she is always having fun learning new things. Focused on dynamic languages, she has worked with Erlang, Luerl and JavaScript.

Past Activities

Peer Stritzinger / Barbara Chassoul
06 Mar 2020
11.25 - 12.10

Building a IDE, compiler and runtime for a graphical distributed data flow language in Erlang

Control systems have their own programming languages and paradigms. Progammable Logo Controllers (PLCs) are used to control everything from a garage door opener to a whole factory. We have built a compiler for a distributed variant of PLC programming language (IEC 61499) that compiles to BEAM files which run in Erlang VMs. As a web frontend to a Erlang node we built a IDE for the textual and graphical representation. PLC programme run distributed from small embedded systems to the cloud unchanged.






Show how a complete graphical IDE, compiler and runtime can be built with Erlang and run in a small embedded system.


Elixir and Erlang devs interested in web based IDE's, PLCs and IoT

Barbara Chassoul / Jean Chassoul
Code BEAM SF 2019
28 Feb 2019
12.25 - 12.50

Applied AI research with StarCraft, Torch and the BEAM

Barbara and Jean will present their community bot system built for online competition and AI research on the real-time strategy game of StarCraft. This bot system is a message-passing, asynchronous system that exploits the hot swap loading, parallelism and standard mechanisms of Luerl and the properties of the BEAM ecosystem.


Barbara and Jean will present their integration between StarCraft and the BEAM as an interesting domain for applied AI research, since represent a well defined adversarial environment which pose a number of interesting challenges in areas of information gathering, planning, dealing with uncertainty, domain knowledge exploitation, task decomposition, spatial reasoning and machine learning.


Machines of all ages, curious developers, software engineers, machine learning enthusiasts, gamers and non-gamers, people in general who want to know about the guts and implementation of the presented work in the StarCraft AI competition arena, with a polyglot system that's about building bridges between communities and language barriers.