Bernardo Amorim

Built a bank using Elixir and created a Word to HTML converter in Ruby that also converted math formulas to MathML

Bernardo started playing around with code at age 11. At age 14 he learned PHP to create a registration website for his game server only to learn SQL Injection the hard way. Since then, the most important missions he went on was being the CTO (aka the solo developer) of an education startup called Responde Aí and building a banking system almost from scratch using mainly Elixir at Stone, a brazillian fintech that did an IPO at NASDAQ in 2018.

Past Activities

Bernardo Amorim
05 Mar 2020
15.25 - 15.50

Playing with Lambda Calculus

We all learn a lot about Turing Machines and why it is an important model and its correlation to the microprocessors we have today. However, not everyone learns about another important model: Lambda Calculus. We'll learn a little bit about simple untyped lambda calculus, implement some data structures using only functions (no other Elixir data type) and hopefully have some fun.






  • Beginner developers will have an idea of what lambda calculus is and how it works.
  • Advanced developers will understand the optimal reduction algorithm.
  • Everyone will develop some interest for interaction combinators and optimal lambda reduction (hype them a little bit, to be honest).


People who have an interest for theory of computation and functional programming in general.

Bernardo Amorim
Code Mesh V
06 Nov 2020
17.30 - 18.10

Learn You Some Lambda Calculus

Join me as we go through the basics of Lambda Calculus using mainstream programming languages as a learning tool.

Bernardo Amorim
Code BEAM SF 2018
15 Mar 2018
15.30 - 15.55

CQRS and Event Sourcing

A look into what EventSourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation are and how they fit together, followed by a tutorial on how to implement an application using these concepts with Commanded (a framework for elixir).


Explain ES and CQRS and demystify them (with code), whilst growing the Commanded community by showing how amazing it is.


Developers that had overcome the basics of Elixir, understands a little bit about BEAM processes and that are looking for some architecture alternatives that can fit some problems.