Brian Cardarella

Founder of DockYard

Founder of DockYard.

Past Activities

Hans Elias B. Josephsen / Maxim Kharchenko / Kresten Krab Thorup / Kenneth Lundin / Brian Cardarella
11 Sep 2020
16.55 - 17.40

Panel Discussion on Erlang Virtual Machines

Whilst the BEAM is the predominant virtual machine used in the Erlang Ecosystem, effort has been put into alternative implementations addressing alternative problems ranging from low powered embedded hardware, paravirtualized implementations, compilation to Web Assembly and ports which run on the JVM. In this panel discussion, we will meet the creators, maintainers and researchers of the BEAM, the LING Erlang on Xen VM, the Lumen WASM implementation and Erjang, running Erlang and Elixir on the JVM. The goal is to compare and contrast these implementations whilst understanding the aspirations, visions, challenges and achievements.