Bruce Tate

Groxio, GigCityElixir founder and author of 7 Langs in 7 Weeks

Bruce Tate is a kayaker, climber, programmer and father of two from Chattanooga, Tennessee. A serial entrepreneur, he has helped start three companies, and most recently served as CTO for icanmakeitbetter. His love for teaching and computer languages led him to found Groxio in 2018. 

Upcoming conferences:

Bruce Tate
Code Elixir LDN 2019
Training/ 16 Jul 2019
09.00 - 17.00

Professional LiveView and OTP

This is a 2 day training course.

From the coming books Designing Systems with OTP and the second edition of Programming Phoenix, this course will walk you through the strategies you'll need to build web applications without JavaScript. You can focus on what's happening on the server, even as you build the most interactive of applications. We'll cover a strategy for rapidly building applications the Elixir way, including:


  • Designing Applications in Layers
  • The LiveView lifecycle
  • JavaScriptless validations with changesets
  • Integrating OTP
  • Working with channels and events
  • Programming simple animations

When you've completed this class, you'll have a deeper understanding of Elixir's OTP and Phoenix LiveView. You'll be able to think about program design, especially building your project in layers so that the LiveView code you create is easy to maintain, letting you deal with one piece of complexity at a time.

This is an intermediate level class scheduled to get you up and running quickly using LiveView. You should know Elixir, and it would help for you to know Phoenix as well.

We'll have plenty of time to work on labs along the way as you hone your skills. About half of the class is either lab work or coding side-by-side with your instructor.

Bruce Tate
Code Elixir LDN 2019
18 Jul 2019
10.28 - 10.28

Keynote - Elixir.next

The Elixir programming language is rapidly reaching maturity. In this talk, we're going to look at what is next, in terms of technology, adoption, and community.  


Those attending this talk will have a better sense of where Elixir is on the adoption curve, as well as challenges and opportunities we're likely to face.