Carl Hewitt

Founder Actor Model and Inconsistency Robustness. Designer of first logic programming language. Emeritus professor

Professor Carl Hewitt is known for his scientific work on founding the Actor model of computation, work on Logic in foundations in Computer Science including founding Inconsistency Robust Massive Ontology Services Systems™ (MOSS), designing the first Logic Program language followed by the Scientific Community Model (with William Kornfeld), and for his work on Comparative Schematology (with Mike Paterson).

Carl is currently Board Chair of the International Society for Inconsistency Robustness (iRobust™) and also Board Chair of Standard IoT™, an international standards organization for the Internet of Things, which is using the Actor Model to unify and generalise emerging standards for IoT.

Past conferences

Carl Hewitt
Code Mesh LDN 2018
08 Nov 2018
09.15 - 10.15

Ultraconcurrency is the future of programming

Soon we will have chips with thousands of cores with high-bandwidth interconnect. Such chips will power the next generation of Intelligent Applications.

Since message passing between Actors is the standard method to communicate, languages like Erlang are highly relevant.

Also, since processing a message within an Actor is purely functional, languages like Haskell are highly relevant. However, in current implementations, message latencies between Actors are at least an order of magnitude too slow. So we have some engineering work to do on ultra-concurrent programming languages for the new hardware.

This keynote presents principles and practices for ultra-concurrent programming.