Christopher Coté

Technology, Sustainability, Food but Not Always in That Order! (Entropealabs)

Christopher Coté is a software engineer with a passion for hardware. He is the Lead Lab Engineer for the National Association of Realtors' R&D Lab. Chris also runs his own software development and consulting company, Entropealabs. He was a lead engineer for the Obama 2012 campaign and has helped found and build several startups around the Chicago area. Christopher has always found himself driven to create sustainable and efficient systems, whether that's for massive political campaigns, growing food or controlling and monitoring the built world. This experience has given him a unique insight into how technology and the built world coexist in society today and will continue to evolve into the future. https://stackoverflow.com/story/christopher.cote

Past Activities

Christopher Coté
Code BEAM SF 2018
15 Mar 2018
11.35 - 12.20

Arduino, Elixir And Nerves: A Deep Dive Into the Firmata Protocol

Firmata is a binary protocol that extends the MIDI protocol. It is used by many languages to talk to microcontrollers from any host machine (https://github.com/firmata/protocol). This talk will go over the details of implementing the protocol in Elixir and have some live demos of communicating from a Nerves based host machine to an Arduino Uno.

Details will include:

  • implementing I2C sensors,
  • ultra-sonic distance sensors
  • analog sensors.

Christopher is one of the maintainers of the Elixir Firmata library (https://github.com/entone/firmata) and a Core member of the Nerves development team (http://nerves-project.org/).


Demo implementing binary protocols in Elixir. Exhibit Nerves and embedded development using Elixir. Hardware integration with Elixir/Nerves.


Hardware folks, protocol implementation