Claudio Ortolina

Working professionally with Elixir since 2014

Claudio has got more than 8 years of commercial experience in complex web applications and APIs, with expertise in Elixir, Ruby, Elm and JavaScript and he previously worked at New Bamboo Web Development Ltd. (now part of Thoughtbot Inc.), and Erlang Solutions Ltd.

He’s an active member of the Elixir and Elm community and he spoke at different conferences (like ElixirConf EU, ElixirConf US and ElixirLDN) and various user groups, with a focus around code architecture, patterns and tooling.

Past Activities

Claudio Ortolina
Code BEAM STO 2019
16 May 2019
10.45 - 11.30

Taming side effects

The systems we build every day have side effects: save data, send emails, write logs, push metrics, you name it! Many errors and headaches come from the difficulties involved in working and testing such code.

In this talk we'll look at a simple approach on how to write logic that is side-effects rich to make easier to maintain and test, no matter if we're interacting with databases, external apis or any other types of service.


To give the audience a tool that can improve their day-to-day testing practices.


Developers who're struggling to test external systems that integrate with the one they're working on.


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Why should Elixir developers get familiar with Erlang and the BEAM at Code BEAM STO?

Article by Claudio Ortolina

Elixir, Erlang and LFE certainly have different features but they all share a foundation that carries the same ideas, techniques and patterns. Having familiarity with each technology is a major strength: it allows you to tap into a wider ecosystem and get the best out of every technology. Even if you end up using only one language in your day to day development, that knowledge will be useful in giving you more tools to reason with and to solve problems efficiently.


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