Dmitry Koterov

Lead developer @ WhatsApp

Before relocating to Silicon Valley and joining WhatsApp, Dmitry co-founded five startups and sold three of them to the leading IT companies in Russia.

He's now doing geeky engineering stuff across the server-side stack, mostly related to scalability, frameworks and databases (Erlang, C++, Python, Ruby, Linux, GDB).

Upcoming conferences:

Dmitry Koterov
Code BEAM SF 2019

Safely bridging Erlang- and non-Erlang universes

Erlang VM is a universe with its own laws, fundamental constants and aliens. But sometimes we need to open a wormhole to bridge two universes together. This presentation is about tips and tricks on how WhatsApp and Facebook approached this. Which side of the wormhole is black, which is white?

  1. How to deal with insane request rates?
  2. How to launch lightweight Erlang processes having no Erlang?
  3. How to do modules hot-loading having no modules and no Erlang due to being in a C++ service?
  4. How to keep compatibility when the protocol changes?
  5. What are active health-checks and power-of-two algorithm?


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