Emanuela Damiani

Emanuela Damiani

User Experience Designer for Firefox

Emanuela works every day for the best browser experience at Firefox. She fell in love with the Web at a young age, and since then she has never stopped studying and learning it. In her career, she helped companies and organisation to innovate through design practices. Nowadays Emanuela is exploring design systems for complex, mutable environments, aim to enable everyone to understand and use design. In her spare time, she likes to watch kitten videos, and she never says no to a good cocktail.

Past Activities

Emanuela Damiani / Gianluca Padovani / Torben Hoffmann / Piotr Nosek
Code BEAM Lite Virtual
03 Apr 2020
18.05 - 18.35

Working Distributed - a panel discussion

Remote working has been forced upon us. In this panel we will discuss some of the experiences with remote working – both from the perspective of right now and from before Covid-19. Not all the tricks that worked previously are any good now – the question is how to start overcoming the hurdles and find a way to become productive again.