Eric Meadows-Jönsson

Elixir team member, creator of Hex and Ecto

Eric Meadows-Jönsson is a member of the Elixir core team and an active member of the BEAM community. Heis the creator of many libraries, including Ecto and the Hex package manager. 

Past Activities

Ulf Wiger / Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Code BEAM V Europe
21 May 2021
12.20 - 13.00

Fireside chat on code design

Source code is much more than a collection of characters which gets compiled into an executable program. It is the place where developers spend a lot of their working time, extending the existing software, as well as debugging and optimizing it. The vast majority of development takes place on an existing codebase. Frequently a large part of that code is written by other people, some of which are not even a part of the team anymore. It is therefore essential that the code gets organized in a way which allow the developers to be both, efficient and effective. But can this even be done, and if so, how exactly? Come and join us in this session, where we'll explore the challenges of designing a codebase written in BEAM languages, such as Erlang and Elixir.

José Valim / Eric Meadows-Jönsson
11 Sep 2020
17.00 - 17.40

Ask me anything about Elixir

Open meeting with Elixir Core Team. Unmute yourself and ask the guest any question about his work you like. 

Eric Meadows-Jönsson / Aleksei Magusev / José Valim
Code BEAM V America
11 Mar 2021
09.55 - 10.35

Ask me anything about Elixir

Short update from the Elixir Core Team and then you will be able to ask them any question you like about their work.

Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Code BEAM STO 2018
01 Jun 2018
13.40 - 14.25

Ecto - database library for Elixir

Ecto is the most popular database library for Elixir and one of the first major libraries written in Elixir. In this practical talk, you will learn of Ecto's capabilities, driven by code examples, and discover what sets Ecto apart from traditional ORMs and database frameworks. We will look at what drove some of the design decisions in Ecto and where the contributors got their inspirations from while delving into some of its inner workings.

After the talk you will have a better understand of Ecto and have a basis on which you can build your own applications using Elixir.


Introduce Ecto and give a foundation for developers to start building applications with Ecto.