Evadne Wu

Won Spawnfest (2019) in multiple categories as part of The Bodgemasters

Evadne is a software engineer and participates in open-source projects from time to time.

Past Activities

Evadne Wu
10 Sep 2020
17.35 - 18.15

The Holy Grail of Isomorphism

Isomorphic applications reuse code between client and server, but they are usually limited to the confines of a web browser. This often leaves out native (desktop or mobile) clients, and as a result, forces duplicative engineering effort.

In this session, Evadne shall demonstrate how this problem can be addressed by deconstructing and then recombining various technologies, so as to achieve true application code and tooling reuse between web, desktop and mobile clients, while reducing the chasm between client and server code and enabling teams to adopt new paradigms, such as LiveView, in a rather pervasive manner.

Evadne Wu
Code Elixir LDN 2018
16 Aug 2018
10.15 - 10.40

Managing externalities in a functional world (ADVANCED)

The modern software developer is spoilt for choice. With the options available today, it has never been easier to build solutions, run experiments, and recover from mistakes. Cheap leverage however encourages incidental complexity, reduces the inherent need for cooperation, and obviates common standards.

Functional programming offers unprecedented leverage, which amplifies these externalities. Knowingly or not, in this way the modern software developer wields tremendous power, but at the same time walks on the knife's edge.

In this talk, Evadne will attempt to provide an overview of these externalities, the historical context, near- and long-term implications, and a few projections as to how things will play out. She will also share some ideas as to how we can mitigate these problems together as a community.


The main objective of this talk is to provide a historic and humanistic perspective that can be used by software developers to interpret functional programming, and its meteoric re-emergence in the web development arena.

The secondary objective is to actually induct people into the world of functional programming by making its premises accessible, but at the same time ensuring that they start with a long-term positive mindset.

Evadne believes that a large number of Elixir developers initially adopted Elixir with a continuous improvement mindset. This talk aims to appropriately echo the mentality, examine the problems currently faced by the community and share potential approaches to be used in our own daily work.