Frank Hunleth

Nerves co-author

Frank has built embedded Linux-based software for products in many industries including medical, consumer, telecommunications and defense. He is a coauthor of the Nerves project and maintains several projects used in embedded Elixir-based devices such as the Elixir Circuits set of libraries, toolshed, fwup, and erlinit.

Past Activities

Robert Virding / Frank Hunleth
06 Mar 2020
09.05 - 09.50

BEAM on the edge - Innovation through problem solving

"BEAM on the Edge” explores designing innovative solutions under ambiguous circumstances. Robert Virding discusses how the core Erlang team took a different path from the rest of the software world in the design and reason of the BEAM itself. Frank Hunleth describes the burgeoning world of IoT, problems that the BEAM is well suited to solve, and now Nerves makes those solutions a reality. Frank Savage takes us to the world of functional GUI, why http isn’t appropriate to solve all problems and how Scenic uses the BEAM to explore solutions in this space.

Peer Stritzinger / Frank Hunleth
Tutorial/ 04 Mar 2020
09.00 - 17.00

Tour the embedded BEAM with GRiSP and Nerves

If you're considering using Erlang or Elixir for your next IoT device or just wanting to learn more about embedded systems, this class will give you a tour of the two major BEAM-powered embedded system projects. Both projects build on the rock solid reliability and productivity of the Erlang VM, and are used in industrial projects around the world.



  • To get real practical experience with embedded systems
  • Know why the BEAM virtual machine is a good fit for such projects
  • Understand the basic concepts and characteristics of embedded systems
  • Familiarity with Nerves and GRiSP platforms, including the foundation to keep developing your own project
  • Have fun!



  • A Mac or Linux laptop. Windows laptops with a Linux VM can work, but verify USB connectivity
  • Have a working installation of Erlang and Elixir
  • Working USB ports - check if blocked by a corporate firewall or if you have USB C, bring an adapter
  • No hardware needed! We'll provide a software installation checklist a week before the training



This tutorial is for those with: * basic knowledge of Erlang or Elixir * familiarity with gen_server/GenServer * none or only a little experience with either GRiSP or Nerves)


This is a unique class led by the creators of both Nerves and GRiSP that will not only get you started with both projects, but will also help you understand the differences and tradeoffs. The class is hands-on.

We'll provide hardware and labs for you that cover the basics, interacting with low level hardware, networking devices, and interoperability.

Frank Hunleth
05 Mar 2020
11.30 - 12.15

IoT network connectivity

You'd think we'd be able to take network connectivity for granted. IoT devices, in particular, are dependent on connectivity as functionality moved to the cloud. How do devices recover unattended? How do you reduce cost via multiple network technologies?

The Nerves project has a new open-source network configuration library for IoT devices called VintageNet. This talk introduces the project and describes how companies are using it for reliable connectivity via multi-homing, LTE-fallback, and mesh networking.






The talk's goals are to illustrate IoT network reliability issues and discuss ways of addressing them on embedded systems using Elixir and Nerves.


Nerves, embedded systems, and IoT developers and technologists.