Gilad Bracha

Computational Theologist Emeritus. Known for Java specs, but proud of Newspeak

Gilad Bracha is the creator of the Newspeak programming language and a well known researcher in the area of object-oriented programming languages. He was awarded the senior Dahl-Nygaard prize in 2017. Previously, he has worked at Google, as a VP at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, a Distinguished Engineer at Cadence, and a Computational Theologist and Distinguished Engineer at Sun. He has authored or co-authored several books including the Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications, and the Dart Programming Language. Prior to joining Sun, he worked on Strongtalk, the Animorphic Smalltalk System. He received his B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University in Israel and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

Past Activities

Sophia Drossopoulou / Martin Odersky / Edwin Brady / Felienne Hermans / Gilad Bracha
Code Mesh V
05 Nov 2020
17.10 - 18.10

Panel discussion: Types for All: From weak to strong, from static to dynamic

When working from home, everyone looked at what books were on display on the shelves in the background. Type systems seemed to be very much in vogue, often put there to be seen. In order to not loose momentum, we are planning a panel on Type Systems at Code Mesh! It will be lead by Felienne Hermans of Leiden University. 

The idea is to discuss the panelists' approach to type systems, the rationale behind their design decisions, and how they have benefited the programming languages they have created. Questions will include, but not be limited to: when do we want type, when are types in the way, and what can we do about that? How extensible should a type system be? Attendees, through the Q&A section of the app, will be able to ask their own questions. With cameras on, don't forget to put your books on display.