Hans Elias B. Josephsen

Original creator of Rustler

Hans is a programmer and electronics engineer who likes working with both electronics and software, including everything in between. On the software side, he has a keen fascination for language runtimes, compilers and low-level programming. Outside of Erlang and the BEAM, he enjoys using Rust.

Key Achievements

The Rustler project: https://github.com/hansihe/

Upcoming conferences:

Hans Elias B. Josephsen
Code BEAM STO 2019

EIR: Infrastructure for working with BEAM code

EIR is a new low-level immediate representation for Erlang code. It eases optimisation and type inference and is designed for compatibility with LLVM. The project also contains a reference interpreter capable of running Erlang code. This talk will serve as a walkthrough of the project, and will introduce Jittery, a tool capable of automatically compiling Erlang functions to Natively Implemented Functions (NIFs).


Introduce people to the EIR project.


Those interested in low-level BEAM concepts