Igor Kopestenski

Academic Research Assistant @ UCLouvain

Igor began his work with Erlang as a part of his Master's thesis with Prof. Peter Van Roy in 2017. He has been working within the LightKone.eu project to develop a framework for reliable storage and computing on clusters of bare-metal Erlang GRiSP clusters.

He has ported the Lasp programming library on GRiSP in order to enable reliable and convergent task execution on unreliable infrastructure-less edge networks. His current work is focused on further improving the current prototype of his model in order to validate it in actual production systems.

Past Activities

Igor Kopestenski
Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam
28 Nov 2019
14.25 - 14.45

IoT Edge Computing with bare-metal Erlang

During my research in the LightKone.eu project, I have focused on implementing a framework for generic computing on ad hoc IoT clusters of Erlang nodes.

In this talk, I would like to present the current progress of my work with the GRiSP Erlang embedded system, and propose possible programming patterns for future distributed applications running on autonomous yet interoperable edge networks.


- Present the current prototype implementation and illustrate the key concepts that motivate IoT edge computing
- Discuss open challenges and suggest paths for Erlang programming in future edge applications


People with an interest in distributed systems, IoT and edge computing in Erlang.