Jean Rouge

Tech Lead (Tripping)

Fell in love with Erlang's concurrency model while working at Chef, and been introducing it to all my jobs since. Currently at Tripping.com, where Erlang allowed us to make our search much more accurate.

Past Activities

Jean Rouge
Code BEAM SF 2018
15 Mar 2018
12.25 - 12.50

The Magic Behind Immutable Maps, Or Why Erlang Didn't Have Maps Years Earlier

Erlang variables are immutable. But what happens when we do `Map2 = maps:put(Key, Value, Map1)`? Surely the VM doesn't copy all of Map1 to a new Map2 in memory just to add that new Key-Value pair? But then how does it give us the illusion that Map1 still exists, without the new pair? How does it keep track of which erlang map contains which pairs? And which performance costs do our applications pay for that magic?



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The magic behind immutable maps - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018

Article by Jean Rouge

Slides from Jean Rouge's talk "The magic behind immutable maps, or why Erlang didn't have maps years earlier" - Code BEAM SF 2018


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