Jianbo Li

Jianbo Li

Senior software engineer at Bloomberg L.P.

Jianbo is a senior software engineer on a Derivatives Market Data team at Bloomberg LP. Previously, Jianbo worked at Electronic Imaging, Cisco, and Facebook, totaling 20 years of software development experience across embedded networks, operating systems, and full-stack applications. He holds masters degrees in mathematics and computer science.

Upcoming Activities

Yijian Yang / Jianbo Li
Code BEAM Lite NYC
01 Oct 2019
14.10 - 14.35

How RabbitMQ simplifies routing in a microservices architecture

In this talk, Yijian And Jianbo will share Bloomberg's story of using RabbitMQ to build a system capable of servicing billions of financial data requests each day. They will review the three goals of scalability, flexibility, and maintainability and discuss how RabbitMQ addresses each of these.

They will then take a deeper technical dive into the architecture they designed to streamline their request routing. Finally, the talk will conclude with a discussion of the open challenges Bloomberg have encountered within RabbitMQ and their recommendations for further product enhancements.


The talk has three primary objectives:

  • To share Bloomberg's RabbitMQ use case
  • To get feedback and inspiration from the community
  • To align their experience with the product owners’ vision for RabbitMQ


  • Other RabbitMQ application and system architects
  • RabbitMQ core developers