Jon Carstens

Professional tinkerer. Promoter of hardware engineering

Happily married father of four young kids. Wannabe woodworker. Avid bike rider. OSS enthusiast. Hardware fanatic. Lover of good BBQ, chocolate chip cookies, and swimming.

Past Activities

Jon Carstens
11 Sep 2020
18.40 - 19.20

Nerves of Steel

Nerves is an up-and-coming framework combining Elixir & Linux for powerful embedded development. Feature packed, backed by the BEAM, and simple to get working on a device. But what about when it doesn’t work? When your flawless code has made your device inert? What if it's unreachable by a human? Guess it’s a brick now… Or We leverage the awesome power of Nerves+BEAM to make ultra-resilient embedded devices! In this talk, we dive into some useful practices for ensuring your Nerves device stays up.


Discuss some best-practices for using Nerves+Beam on embedded devices to make them more resilient and fault-tolerant. Practices that will help ensure your device is always up and reachable, even if some bad firmware gets applied, which will greatly reduce hardware troubleshooting burdens.

This will be especially useful for those looking to use Nerves devices in production/industrial applications.


Hardware enthusiasts, hobbyists, or individuals looking to use Nerves in a more industrial application.