Ju Goncalves

Phd Student in Computer Science

Ju Gonçalves is a young computer scientist based in Copenhagen. She can usually be seen working on her Ph.D. on Type Theory at Roskilde University or playing with Nintendo games on the streets of Copenhagen. She is a member of Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems research group, and many interesting forums. For Junia, pokémons and bugs in programming language development have something in common, she gotta catch 'em all!

Past Activities

Ju Goncalves
Code Mesh LDN 2018
09 Nov 2018
11.20 - 12.05

Abstract nonsense

Generative art programming requires many computations, such as random number generation and image output. What if we applied category theory to model a declarative, purely functional way of programming artworks? In other words, what if we could generate abstract nonsense with abstract nonsense?


Introduce participants to monoidal categories and to how to use them to handle effects required in generative art programming