Ju Liu

Master of the Useless

Ju was born in China, moved to Italy as a kid, grew up eating a lot of pasta, and started messing around with computers. He now lives in London and works for NoRedInk. He loves to solve hard problems and build amazing products. When he’s not doing that, he’s probably rock climbing.

Past Activities

Ju Liu
Code BEAM Lite Italy 2019
22 Mar 2019
14.30 - 15.10

Live coding an Escher painting using Scenic

In this talk we will be rebuilding "Square Limit," a famous painting by M.C. Escher using Elixir, Scenic and the amazing powers of functional programming. We will build the whole application from scratch, and we will start by taking a look at how Scenic works. We will then proceed to decompose the fractal nature of Escher's painting and we will rebuild it step by step. By the end of talk, you should have acquired a good level of understanding on how Scenic works and a lot of respect for Escher's work as a mathematician.


Introduce people to the Scenic framework and stimulate their curiosity towards functional programming and fractals.


People interested in Elixir, Scenic, Escher and fractals.