Kate Travers

Former art shipper; current code shipper.

Kate Travers is a Brooklyn-based fullstack web developer, specialising in Rails, React, and Elixir applications. A graduate of the Flatiron School, Kate currently spends her days building Learn.co, the online learning platform that powers FIS and 2U programs.

Outside work, Kate is an active volunteer, tutor and mentor through Flatiron School, as well as backup quarterback for the three-time-defending champions of the Brooklyn co-ed touch football league.

Past Activities

Kate Travers
Code Elixir LDN 2018
16 Aug 2018
14.55 - 15.20

Pattern matching: The gateway to loving Elixir (BEGINNER)

What is pattern matching in Elixir? For Kate, it's what won her over to the language. This deceptively powerful paradigm is at the heart of what makes Elixir such a compelling language to program in. It's doing so much more than to help you write small, declarative, maintainable functions; it's making you a stronger programmer.

This talk covers pattern matching basics, then moves into practical, real world examples and a thorough introduction to Elixir's implementation of this crush-worthy construct.


1. Inspire audience to start using Elixir

2. Teach the basics of one of the language's most crush-worthy constructs: pattern matching.



Articles: 1

Kate Travers’ Journey from Art shipping to Elixir Senior Engineer

Article by Kate Travers

Kate is building ‘learn.co,’ a learning management system with added interactivity and community features. The system only needs one click to “Open IDE” and launch a functional development environment right in the browser. Flatiron are particularly excited about this feature because it allows students new to coding to get a taste of programming with real tools that developers use on the job. Unlike a REPL (a read-eval-print-loop) that executes a few lines of simple code, the IDE allows students to experience the more complex interaction between editing different files and executing them from a command line, all in browser.