Keith Elder

Technology evangelist, technologist, software engineer, speaker, trainer, and storyteller

Keith Elder is the senior technology evangelist at Quicken Loans, the nation's largest online mortgage lender based in Detroit, MI. He is an experienced technologist, systems administrator, software engineer, speaker, trainer and noted storyteller. He has spoken throughout the United States at major technical conferences on topics ranging from various new technologies, software architectures and soft skills. For over 12 years he led the Engineering Tools team as the Director of Software Engineering within Quicken Loans. When not sitting in front of a computer he spends the majority of his time as captain of the vessel Sea Sharp navigating the waters in the Gulf of Mexico in search of giant pelagic fish.

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Keith Elder
Code BEAM SF 2019

Building a highly scalable service that survived a Super Bowl

Would you bet your career and your company's reputation on a technology you've never used in front of 110 million people tuned into a Super Bowl commercial?

Keith and Quicken Loans were launching a new product during a commercial at the Super Bowl 302 days away, and Keith was betting everything on a technology they had never used in production. Everything was resting on the shoulders of one web service that had to handle the excessive load placed upon it when their commercial aired. The technology chosen was Erlang.

This is a story about how Keith picked Erlang for Super Bowl Sunday, his journey and his findings along the way.


  • How they stumbled upon Erlang during their dedicated innovation time
  • What made Erlang so special that they were willing to take such a risk
  • What they learned along the way
  • How the Erlang system performed
  • ... and would they do it again


Anyone that wants to hear a great story about how Erlang is used and what they found out. Even seasoned Erlang professionals would probably enjoy hearing the story.