Laura M. Castro

Associate professor and lead researcher spreading BEAM love from a little corner in Spain (University of A Coruña)

Laura became fascinated with Erlang during her studies in Software Engineering and has been an advocate of our beloved technology ever since. Nowadays, this means she introduces the BEAM to the next generations of CS graduates, preaches it to local developer groups and FP-related events, introduces it in new projects with local companies, and exploits it as a research tool in collaboration with colleagues all around the world.

Past Activities

Natalia Chechina / Laura M. Castro / Viktória Fördős
10 Sep 2020
13.10 - 13.55

Unite and conquer


Divisions are popular in our days often comparing “them” and “us”: be it research vs industry, men vs women, Erlang vs Elixir... but unity is what makes us stronger and enables us to aim for new horizons.

In this talk, Natalia, Laura, and Viktória will discuss their vision on creating fault-tolerant, scalable opportunities together to achieve diverse ambitions.

All BEAMers unite!

Laura M. Castro / Natalia Chechina / Viktória Fördős
10 Sep 2020
16.45 - 17.25

Ask me anything about Research

Unmute yourself and ask the guest any question about his work you like.

Laura M. Castro
29 May 2020
10.50 - 11.20

How the BEAM will change your mind

We all have heard that functional programming requires a change of mind. But... do we really know what does mean? How does it go beyond learning about pattern-matching, tail recursion, gen_server and supervisors? How does it reflect in the way we approach problems and design solutions? We will address these and other questions, and discuss to which extent our BEAM hammer can turn everything into a lightweight, concurrent nail.