Mairbek Khadikov

Software engineer @ Brex

Mairbek is a software engineer who writes mission-critical systems at Brex in Elixir. Prior to that, he was doing distributed systems work at Google Cloud and YouTube.

Upcoming Activities

Vamsi Chitters / Mairbek Khadikov
Code BEAM Lite NYC
01 Oct 2019
11.35 - 12.20

Microservices at Brex

This talk provides a high-level overview of Brex and the business domain constraints of the fintech ecosystem that shaped our decision to build out the microservice architecture in Elixir. In particular, it details how we use Elixir in conjunction with our choice of gRPC and Events as core primitives to scale our communication infrastructure.


The objective of the talk is to provide an overview of Brex and illustrate the benefits of Elixir in facilitating resilient synchronous and asynchronous communication between microservices.


Elixir Enthusiasts, Systems / Backend Engineers