Mariano Guerra

Programmer (Instadeq)

Interested in programming language development, distributed systems and making computing accessible to everyone. Co founder of and, creator of the Efene Programming Language, emesene instant messenger, author of the Little Riak Core Book.

Mariano Guerra's talks: 2

A Tour Through the Distributed System Zoo

The talk will go through different categories and patterns in distributed systems, compare them and explore them applying each to the case of a distributed key value store.


Get an high level picture of the different aspects in distributed systems and how they apply to a real use case.


People interested in architecture, patterns and distributed systems.

Implementing Languages on the BEAM

Why LFE is not just Common Lisp on the BEAM, why Elixir is not just Ruby, why Efene is not just Python?

In this talk we will explore the ressons why BEAM languages are the way they are, which things the BEAM makes easy and which makes... complicated.

We will explore what's involved in developing a language on the BEAM that's actually useful and share experiences and tips.

@Code BEAM SF 2018


Mariano Guerra's tutorial:


Riak core is the battle-hardened library that powers the popular open-source distributed key/value store Riak. Not many people are aware of how easily it can be used outside Riak to power your own horizontally scalable Erlang applications be they session storage, message routing or distributed computation.

This course explores the practical aspects of implementing such applications.

The course aims to achieve the following goals:

  • To introduce participants to riak_core and provide an overview of its general characteristics and architecture
  • To demonstrate the use of rebar3 in building modern riak_core based projects
  • To demonstrate implementation considerations
  • To enable you to determine if riak_core is right for your application
  • To demonstrate how webmachine can be used to integrate with riak_core
  • You will build and take away your own riak_core application by the end of the day

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A Tour Through the Distributed System Zoo - Code BEAM SF 2018

Implementing Languages on the BEAM - Code BEAM SF 2018

A Tour Through the Distributed System Zoo - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018 & Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018
Mariano Guerra

Slides for the Mariano Guerra's talk "A Tour Through the Distributed System Zoo" - Code BEAM SF 2018 & Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018