Massimo Cesaro

Chief Technology Officer Inkwell Data

Massimo is co-founder and CTO of Inkwell Data, a company operating mainly in the industrial IoT field. A 20 years veteran of Erlang development, Massimo designed and developed with Erlang carrier grade and enterprise level VoIP systems, VoIP development tools and VoIP gateways used by telco providers. In the last years he focused on industrial IoT, smart metering and RF based communication with LPWANs. With Erlang and Elixir, he developed a couple of network management platforms as well as a meter data management system for gas and water smart metering. An open source developer, he designed and co-developed a DLMS/COSEM embedded library, libUNICOSEM. Massimo's professional interests are distributed systems, licensed and unlicensed spectrum RF technologies, functional programming and everything related to BEAM.

Upcoming Activities

Massimo Cesaro
Code BEAM Lite ITA

Altior adversis, or modeling the IoT value chain with Erlang/Elixir

Building a BEAM-based robust, scalable and fully distributed software platform for high persistence and longevity industrial IoT applications like smart metering and smart city services.

Talk objectives:

  • To show the audience why BEAM is the most solid and future-proof foundation for real-world, mission-critical projects.

Target audience:

  • CTOs, systems architects, Erlang and Elixir developers