Melinda Tóth

Leader of the RefactorErl Project

Melinda Tóth works as a researcher at ELTE-Soft Nonprofit Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary), leading the ELTE-Ericsson Software Technology Lab. She is also an assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), teaching distributed systems and Erlang/OTP technology, and the head of the Cooperation Center for IT Research and Education responsible for coordinating the industrial R&D projects of the Faculty of Informatics. On top of that Melinda is a chief architect of RefactorErl, a static source code analysis and transformation system for Erlang. Her research focuses on static program analysis and its usage in software development and maintenance. 

Upcoming conferences:

John Hughes / Melinda Tóth / Natalia Chechina
Code BEAM Lite Budapest