Mrinal Wadhwa

CTO @Ockam

Mrinal Wadhwa is CTO at Ockam. He is passionate about Distributed Systems, Applied Cryptography and the Internet of Things. At Ockam, Mrinal and his team are building open source libraries that make it easy to establish end-to-end encrypted, mutually authenticated, granularly authorized communication between edge devices and cloud services.

Past Activities

Mrinal Wadhwa
Code BEAM V Europe
20 May 2021
14.20 - 15.00

End-to-End Encryption with Elixir and Beam

Machines, within the Internet of Things, operate by exchanging messages, with cloud services and other connected machines. To support occasionally connected devices, low power radio protocols and containerized microservices - such messages usually travel via a number of queues and caches, often over a series of network layer connections before reaching their end-destination.

In this talk, we'll explore how applications can achieve End-to-End Encryption and Mutual Authentication in such complex data flows.